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Tax allowable expenses: a guide for the self-employed

There are many business expenses that you, as a self-employed person, can deduct from your tax bill. Such expenses are known as allowable expenses. They include costs you incur solely for the purposes of your work, i.e.: office expenses such as business stationery, printing, and postage costs (office equipment such as laptops and printers can […]


Q&A on UK Taxation: Holiday Let

Own a property overseas that serves mainly as a summer retreat? Have been considering renting it out for the rest of the season? Or, perhaps, putting it up on Airbnb? Whatever your plan is, it is important to get things right from the start, including sorting out the tax issues. We have compiled a list […]


Claiming UK Personal Allowance: a guide for non-UK residents

In many countries, people on low wages do not pay any income tax. In the UK, tax residents are entitled to what is called personal allowance – a certain amount of money you are allowed to earn in a given tax year before you begin to pay Income Tax. Currently, the standard personal allowance for anyone in […]

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