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Leanne Willoughby | Account Manager

What’s the coolest thing about being an accountant?
Helping people

If you wouldn’t be an accountant, who would you be?
Probably have my own little handmade craft type business, or maybe do something to help less fortunate people

Where are we likely to find you in your free time?
Doing something fun with the kids, maybe a theme park

Is there a secret talent/fun fact nobody knows about you?
I used to play football for a team for 5 years

If you had to choose only one dish you’d have to eat till the end of your life, what dish would it be?
Definitely churros!!!

What is a perfect day for you?
Saturday afternoon with no plans sitting of the sofa watching Soccer Saturday and seeing United win and Wednesday lose

What is the most exciting moment of your life?
The day I realised I was going to be a mum

Who would you most likely swap places with for a day and why?
Myself when I was about 14/15.  I’d take the time to realise that they actually were the best days when everything was fun and there we no responsibilities

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Watching Dr Pimple Popper but I don’t know why because it’s a bit disgusting

What is your favourite vacation spot?
Disney World Florida

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